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The use of energy-saving lamps in China is getting higher and higher awareness of the spirit of saving energy, reducing the capital companies are aware of the energy for the development of enterprises are inseparable.

Energy-saving lamps in the Chinese market has been widely used by T12 to T10 fluorescent energy-saving lamps in the market known to the T8-40w Energy Saving Lamp T8-36w reform to the process of short-term energy-saving lamps, energy saving was not obvious contrast, the progress of each new savings about 10% can not be initiated to meet national targets of 20% savings.


The Chinese market in 2004 the formal launch of T5-28w energy saving lamps, directly with the T8-36w energy saving lamps to reduce energy consumption by 30%, significantly saving energy companies are too extensive.


T12, T10, T8, T5, T4, T3, T2 energy saving lamps, with the exception of T5 fluorescent lamps for commercial energy-saving lamp of the "Terminator" is the LED in the next game can be very expensive LED market prices need to accept the 10-year 20年. T4 energy-saving lamps such as T5 energy-saving lamps more than the savings can be T4 only 1,500 less than the lumens, and energy-saving T8 lamps 2300 lumens or so, the T4, T3, T2 energy saving lamps can not be widely used by the market, can only be used decoration area. T5 energy-saving lamp T8 shallow to meet all energy-saving lamps, and far beyond. More than 2,500 lumens, trichromatic fluorescent lamps, also known as "green lighting" of up to 50,000 hours life.


We are familiar with the "Philips" to occupy the mainstream of China's lighting market, T5 energy-saving lamps upon the introduction of the Chinese market, the major lighting companies have introduced brand T5 energy-saving lamps in more than a year to promote the process, T5 energy-saving lamp has not been market acceptance, the reasons is that the replacement cost is too large, (a Philips T5 energy-saving lamp lights the market price of 89 yuan, 400 yuan or so燈盤) can only be used in new projects, in order to use the original item can not be recognized. T5 energy-saving lamps impeded development in China. "Pu Tong lighting" in the timing of research and development of alternative products can be directly removed T8 to T5 energy-saving lamp tubes can be replaced, greatly reducing the input costs of enterprises reduce the time to replace. In 2006 of "S & P card" T5 energy-saving lamp patent by the State.


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